1. I am a private individual. Do I really need an accountant?

    For better or worse today all individuals need an accountant. As the tax landscape changes constantly, the accountant will keep you informed of all new arrangements, making sure you receive the lowest possible taxation. It is the accountant, for example, who will inform you that in the current financial year you must collect receipts equal to a certain percentage of your expenses, so as not to pay a large tax. In addition, all transactions with the state are now done through Taxisnet, which makes the accountant essential even in non-tax-related procedures. Nowadays an accountant has become sort of a personal advisor.

  2. I'm a self-employed professional. What can my accountant do?

    As changes in the tax and accounting environment now take place on a daily basis, the role of the accountant becomes more important in his relationship with self-employed professionals. The accountant will inform you of the business expenses you can account for, according to the new arrangements, the one who will keep you informed of the deadlines for submitting the necessary documents and the one who will remind you of your obligations so as to avoid unnecessary charges.


  3. How can accounting help my business?

    In many ways, but mainly by keeping you informed of all the legal tax procedures you need to follow.


  4. I want to start a business. What advice can you give me?

    The advice that an accounting firm can give you when starting your business is valuable because they lay the foundations for a proper start-up. In response to the question ‘what form of company suits my needs?’, your accountant becomes a companion to a new beginning.

  5. Is it possible to work with my accountant when we live in remote areas?

    Of course it is. Now, thanks to new technologies you can take advantage of the experience of an accounting firm, even if it is far from your place of residence.


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